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How do you calculate the quote?

The quote is calculated on the basis of your document, sent to the email address:

Which payment methods are available?

In Euros: by bank transfer, Paypal or Skrill.
In Pound Sterling: by bank transfer, Paypal or Skrill.
In Dollars: by bank transfer or Paypal.
In Algerian Dinars: by local CCP transfer.
(Coming soon) In RON: by bank transfer or Paypal.

Is the rate per word or per page?

Per word: I do not calculate the titles, sub-titles, references, tables, titles of tables and figures, if no proofreading is necessary.

What is the delivery time for the proofreading?

For an urgent request, please specify the deadline for submission. The delivery date of the proofreading will be indicated in the quote.

for translation/localization requests

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for papers (researchers)


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(+213) 6 75 57 23 05

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